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Window Cleaning

WINDOW Cleaning

Cleaning exterior windows has always been a problem. You need to have a lift, a bucket, make water exchanges and do all that for every single window. It's just too much work! Our company has found a more efficient and effective way to clean your windows. It requires no lift, no buckets of water, and NO DANGER. This new way is called the Fed Pole System.

The fed pole system is the new and most effective way to clean exterior windows. Reaching up to six stories high, the Fed Pole system uses a 4 stage filter system to purify the water, and eliminate all stains on your windows without the danger of using a lift. Resulting in your windows looking as good as new.

The magic of the Fed Pole system is found in the four giant filters. The filters take the water in and remove more than 99% of the chemicals. Then the system proceeds to ionize the water so when applied to your windows there are no stains left behind. The water used on your windows is so clean you can even drink it!

We are also proud to say we found a way to increase the pressure of the water meanwhile maintaining the pureness so that even the most stubborn stains can be removed.


Once you clean the exterior of the window it's a must to clean the interior. Most of the time the windows still look dirty because of the stains inside the window. Our interior windows service is led by the traditional t-bar and squeegee way.

This method, even though old, never fails to meet the expectations of perfection. This method is done by using the t-bar to put water and soap on the window. This removes the stains and dust stuck on the window. Right after that is completed the squeegee is used strategically to remove the water solution in a way that leaves no stains behind.

Our company strives to provide you with the service you deserve. Our new approach to cleaning windows allows us to provide you with the best results.

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